New Body’s Terms and Conditions for Cancelling

We would like it if you don’t leave us but we understand there are many reasons for having to cancel.

Therefore, before you make the final decision, have a look at our options below.

Option 1 – Are you going on a holiday, off back to university or recovering from an injury? 

  1. Freeze Payments –

We can freeze your direct debit payments for a certain amount of time and if you return earlier we can just as easily unfreeze it.  This will stop any payments coming out of your account.

If this is still not for you and you want to continue to cancel your membership, please follow

Option 2 –

  1. Cancelling Membership –
  • Should any member need to cancel their Direct Debit membership this needs to be done via email to or in writing to the club.
  • There is a 30-day cancellation policy. You can still use the gym for those 30 days after we have been notified.
  • After you have notified us one more payment comes out
  • If you cancel at the bank your membership could fall into “arrears” as this money is still owed.