Here you can find out all about our Personal Training services. All our trainers are experts and 100% committed to helping their clients acheive their goals. Health and fitness is our passion and we are here to help anyone who is willing to put the work in to be better!

All our staff have a passion for health and fitness so please feel free to visit us and talk to us about any questions you may have.

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Personal Training at New Body Gym, Weymouth
Personal Training at New Body Gym, Weymouth


Here at New Body we provide nutritional advice to all our members as the most important aspect of health and fitness is how you’re fuelling your body to support with your personal journey. Providing your body with the right nutrition will help you achieve your goals and we will work with you to create a plan tailored just for you.


Our members love our personal trainers and training sessions, here’s why…

“I started work with Nick from New Body in August last year with the aim of losing body fat and increasing muscle tone. I already had a decent level of fitness as I went out running 3 times a week but had no knowledge of resistance training and as a consequence I was quite ‘saggy’ and lacked any real shape or strength.

I also felt I had a reasonable knowledge of nutrition, I was about to have my eyes well and truly opened!!

Tough, calorie controlled diets of the past were scrapped in favour of an easy eating plan tailored to my own requirements. Nick patiently taught me techniques for performing all of the main exercises correctly to the point where I can come into the gym and work out effectively on my own.”

Ben Stockley
“I contacted Nick at New Body after hitting a lull in my weight loss training. I had lost a large chunk of weight through training at the gym but my workouts had become very repetitive and I was losing motivation and stopped losing weight.

Since working with Nick I now look forward to training again, and in just 5 weeks I have seen great results! I’ve lost a further 3kg and lost a number of inches.

The best thing is I have learnt so much, until now I would shy away from lifting any weight in the gym in the fear I would become too big. Thanks to Nick I have learnt the best way to train my body and manage my nutrition to reach my goals.”

Kerry, age 23
“Me and my mother have just completed the Drop a Jean size programme with Nick Bell at the Rembrandt Hotel, I recommend this to anyone wanting to train and lose weight.

Nick is so helpful and easy going, he put us at ease straight away and is a pleasure to work with.

We are so happy with our results and also the information Nick has given us so that we can go away and maintain what we have achieved.

Thank you Nick for all your help, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for the offer to stay in touch…Now for us to keep it up!…”

Vanessa Wait and Carol Lee
“I am a pensioner involved in looking after my small grandson. I was finding is very difficult to pick him up from the floor and perform other daily activities with him.

Nick devised a personal programme for me. It was specially devised for my needs to gradually increase my strength and confidence.

The programme was excellent and really worked for me. Nick has a friendly and engaging manner and yet is professional in his manner at times.

I would definitely recommend Nick to anybody.”

Sarah, age 68
“I had Nick from New Body run ‘Fit Box’ sessions with the players from Dorchester Football Club as part of our pre season fitness programme and it was brilliant. He pushed the guys to there limit and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nick has also worked with my kids from Westfield Arts College, he put together a number of fun exercises sessions to help keep the kids active and interested in exercise and they all loved it.
I will definitely be using Nick and New Body again!”

Ashley Vickers, Dorchester Town Football Club Manager and Teacher at Westfield Arts College.
“If you have any health or fitness goals, then you need to contact Nick. He is a great personal trainer who listens to what you want to achieve and helps you to achieve your goals, while encouraging you to go further. I first met Nick in December 2011. I contacted him because I wanted to improve my general health and fitness, I was struggling to walk up hills without getting breathless – now five months on I’m running!

Nick devised a fitness and healthy eating plan for me, and with his encouragement I am fitter, have lost over 15 kg and 20 inches. There is along way to go but I am determined and confident that with Nick’s motivation, encouragement and experience I’ll get there.”

Daile, age 41
“I started exercising with weights a couple of years ago, but had lost all motivation and wasn’t sure if what I was doing was actually doing me any good – so I contacted Nick and booked weekly sessions for about 3 months.

This gave me the reassurance and motivation I needed, as well as advise on different exercises that would target areas that I wanted to focus on. I would recommend Nick to anyone whatever their health or fitness needs are.”

Paul , age 52
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